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Bike fitting service

Jake Brindle is an accomplished cycling, triathlon coach and bike fitter who has been not only fitting those he coaches to their bicycles, but others around the world as well. Jake utilizes his knowledge of bio-mechanics and the F.I.S.T.  protocol for bike fitting education along with many years of experience to ensure optimum results!

A proper bike fit is the top priority in cycling that helps keep you on the bike and enjoying the sport.  If you are not fit properly to your bike, you will not be able to ride any significant distance without discomfort and worst case, you may experience an injury. The result?  You'll be off the bike.  You should be able to ride your bike for 100+ miles without any significant discomfort.

Starting with a background and goal questionnaire, Jake begins the process that will enable you to start the path to enjoying the bike!

Jake emphasizes “The big three” in his bike fits which are:

  • Increased Comfort
  • Increased Performance
  • Reduced Chance of Injury

Jake uses a dynamic fit unit, the Purely Custom Size Cycle, which manipulates the rider's position while he or she is pedaling. This amazing piece of equipment:

  1. Allows micro-adjustments (by the millimeter) to the rider's XY position.
  2. Allows the fitter to optimize the rider's position in real time while monitoring power output (watts), heart rate, and cadence.
  3. Utilizes a quick change system for handlebar and saddle changes allowing you to explore different ergonomic options.
  4. The Purely Custom Size Cycle can accommodate riders from 1.4m (4'7") to 2.1m (6'11") tall.
  5. Multiple fits for a single individual can be captured, saved, and revisited at any time.  A fitter can then quickly revert back to the previous fit positions on the fly so the rider can make comparisons.
  6. Allows the instructor/fitter to gather more fit data in less time than conventional static fit bikes.

Already have a bike? Jake starts with that measurement, transfers it to the Purely Custom, and starts the process to cycling Nirvana.

At no point does Jake ever have to ask the rider to disembark from the unit to change positions of handlebars, pedals or seat position. Adjustments can be made on the fly.

Jake’s knowledge of the mind, body and modern science has enabled him to refine and improve his methods over the years. Phone or pop by to schedule your custom fit soon!